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PG-43: Home


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REMEMBER WHEN: Milkmen delivered milk and Howdy Doody was a star?

WHEN: P.F. Flyers, S&H Green Stamps, hi-fi's, metal ice trays with a lever, Blackjack chewing gum, and your father's Futuramic Oldsmobile were as common as cell phones are today? 

IF SO: you'll remember that music was better back then - both pure and simple. 

PG-43 celebrates those experiences with songs that are best described as adult contemporary, easy-listening.  It features melodies you can remember and lyrics you can understand.  The music caters to the interests of those of us who have attained age 43 and beyond.  The suggestion here is that it takes roughly 43 years of living to get a real handle on life.  If you haven't lived that long, you'll need parental guidance to fully appreciate how these songs touch the soul.   The stories they tell will make you think you shared your dreams with me.  

Give it a whirl, man, it's out of sight.  

Mike Jones